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Vladimir Konstantinovich Buteyko and Marina Mihaylovna Buteyko will not be liable for validity of information in other Internet sites, concerning K. P. Buteyko and his method, as well as for quality of the education Method Buteyko and specialists preparation in other centers.

The Buteyko Center in Voronezh is created by author of the method - K. P. Buteyko in 1991 for the perpetuation, spreading and development his medical, scientifically-methodical and spiritual-philosophical theory of recovery of health.

We use Buteyko Method to treat without drugs organs of breath, circulation of the blood diseases according to patents for this method of threating and the letter from Minisry of Health.

Juridical person - Buteyko Company LTD

The Buteyko Co Ltd has been founded by Buteyko K.P., Buteyko V.K., Buteyko M.M.
Now owners of the firm are only Buteyko V.K. and Buteyko M.M.
Director of Voronezh Center V. K. Buteyko Author of the method Buteyko Konstantin Pavlovich Head Physician of Voronezh Center M. M. Buteyko 

Buteyko Vladimir Konstantinovich
- director of Voronezh Center since 1995

Buteyko Konstantin Pavlovich
- author of the method and director of Voronezh Center until 1995

Buteyko Marina Mihaylovna
- Head Physician of Voronezh Center since it's foundation

In the center we pay the big attention to work with children who are sick of an asthma, an allergy, bronchites and other illnesses. Special pedagogical and methodical receptions are developed and are used. These receptions facilitate development of Buteyko method by children. The basic work with children is conducted by methodologist - teacher Irina Petrovna Zhukova. Zhukova I.P. - methodologist - child teacher
Petrova V.T. - chairman of club Not only health at people is restored at correct training to Buteyko Method. Thus the spiritual - moral perception of world around frequently varies. Therefore the club is created in which people can gather, communicate and meet understanding and support of the opinions which are not always popular in a modern society.

Valentina Timofeevna Petrova is offered on a post of chairman of club. She is the veteran of the center, one of the first doctors - methodologists prepared in Voronezh. Valentine Petrova has surprising energy, cheerfulness and the initiative.

Visit us best at the early prolepsis stages.

Recording to the reception is carried out in advance, both by contact phone numbers and by e-mail.
Find us at:
7, Prospekt Revolutsii,
Voronezh 394000, Russia
Phone numbers: +7 960 128-35-07, +7 (473) 255-46-55


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