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Author: Михаил 
Date:   12-14-03 13:17

Уважаемые посетители!
Не нашем сайте работает ФОРУМ.
Пишите, читайте, обменивайтесь мнениями.
Желающие могут задавать вопросы специалистам нашего Центра.

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 Re: Работает!
Author: Barbara 
Date:   01-07-04 16:32

Hi Mikail,

it really works? I am Italian, I have read a book about Buteuko theraphy for many phisical disorders. In what sense does it work? I would be very curious to know! You can use my personal address to let me have your answer, thanks

Barbara from Italy

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 Re: Работает!
Author: Vladimir 
Date:   01-10-04 12:17

Hello Barbara!
In that that method works easy to make sure by means of maximum breathing. Under such breathing in a certain time You will feel the malaise! If You then reduce the breathing, that malaise will pass!

Interesting, what book You read? Since in many book method Buteyko is described with mistake.

The Sense of the method Buteyko consists in following: Metabolism in organism much powerfully depends on breathings. So If correct the breathing, that is corrected and metabolism. As a result disappears the disease.

Than Your interest is dictated? You have a disease? Or You work in medicine? From this depends as You to answer.

With wish of health Marina and Vladimir

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